Transitioning is not selfish

With the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner I am getting really tired of hearing that transitioning is selfish. As the spouse of someone about to undergo transition I can tell you with 100% certainty that transitioning is not selfish and here is why: If you know Nick, you know he can be crabby, stressed out, and withdrawn. I’ve had to make excuses for him to friends and family our whole relationship, why he wasn’t at social events, why he is quiet, and the list goes on. Emily on the other hand is not. She is happy, and more engaged in the activities going on around her. Overall she is more pleasant to be around. I love Nick no matter what, but Emily is easier to be around period. Nick and I fight, and when I say we fight I mean we fight…full out screaming, crying, heated emotional fights. We have fought our entire relationship. Some days I am amazed we have even gotten where we are today and the amount of times we “tried” to break up are countless. Emily and I have yet to have a fight. I am sure we will, I will most likely spend more of our relationship with Emily than I have Nick so it would be unreasonable to say we will never fight, but perhaps we will not fight the way Nick and I do. Transition is painful. It’s painful emotionally and physically. Not to mention expensive. I don’t think that a trans person would undergo hormones replacement therapy and painful cosmetic surgeries and procedures to make their feelings on the inside match the way they feel on the outside if they felt there was any other way for them to be happy. A trans person is just trying to be happy and in the end that’s all anyone wants. Is it selfish for them to try to be happy or for you to tell them they should do the one thing that would make them happy????

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