Heavy on My Heart

Tonight something is weighing heavy on my heart.  A member of my support group was cheated on by her spouse.  It’s a really painful thing to think about; what it would be like staying through transition just to be cheated on.  Going through transition with someone is an experience not for the faint of heart and with the majority of spouses choosing to leave, it’s my opinion (and this may be biased) that those spouses who do stay should be worshiped by their partners, definitely not disrespected in this manner.  What some people I know put up with is unimaginable to me, but like I always tell people you don’t know what you would do unless you were in that situation.  Cheating is the bottom line for most people, but this situation takes it to a whole new level.  My thoughts are with this friend as she works through this situation and makes the choice that is best for her and her family.  May she find peace in her situation, whatever that may look like for her. Kisses, Amanda

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