What are we?

My struggle all along has been…so what are we now?  To the outsider we could look like two friends or a lesbian couple.  Both of those are fine options, I obviously have female friends and I have no issue with same sex couples, BUT that is not what we are.  She is my husband and the father of my child and that is what I want to be identified as.  So what we are is a trans family or a trans couple, but that is complicated, it takes explaining and do we necessarily want to spend our lives explaining that?  I’m all for wearing buttons to identify what we are to avoid confusion 😉  Yesterday in public we were identified as a same sex couple, and today we were identified as friends by a woman who wanted to know who Quinny belong to.  If you asked me what I prefer I guess I’d say the same sex couple.  I don’t like the idea of her not being identified as his parent or her being identifies as just my friend…  I guess its all a work in progress, I guess like everything else about this transition.

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