Navigating children

Navigating children who know nick is a whole other can of worms. It’s a more complex issue and they have to understand to accept. Tonight Emily was introduced to our friends who are our next door neighbors, children for the first time. Their reactions were kind of cute and priceless. They had a few questions mainly “is that Mr. Nick?” and “why is Mr. Nick wear a dress?”. My favorite comment came from their 6-year-old son, “I’m not use to seeing girls drink beer”. If this is their biggest worry than I can handle it! He did want to understand more (his 4-year-old sister had less complex questions) and I simply explained Mr. Nick’s insides and outsides don’t match, he is a boy on the outside, but he doesn’t feel like a boy so he’s going to become a girl. This was good enough for him and we moved on. Like most people the name and pronoun change is difficult and the 4-year-old is innocently adamant that she will still say Mr. Nick. My theory is over time this will change, she like everyone else will adjust Mr. Nick will become Ms. Emily and he/him will become she/her. Children are much more understanding than adults and I have faith that one day (and it will be sooner rather than later) this will be no big deal to either of them.

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