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I am part of an online support group for spouses of trans folk, and generally I will say this has been a good thing for me.  It puts me in contact with others who are in the same boat as me, which helps me not feel alone, and gives me others to vent to who understand and a safe place to ask questions.  Lately though there has been a lot of drama in the lives of some of the ladies in my support group and it has been weighing heavily on me.   I’ll be honest, it may be selfish, but it is hard for me to hear the realities of how bad things could be.  On one hand I’m glad I’m not in their shoes, but on the other hand I could be and it scary.  These ladies are facing issues such as cheating spouses, spouses who want to experiment sexually with members of their previous gender, and changes in their spouses sexuality.  (I’ll make it clear so I am not hurting my husband’s feelings, or making anyone thing negativity of him/her, the possibility of this for us is very low, its just one of those situations where you never know what can/will happen so when others bring it up it gets your gears turning, I’m sure everyone has been in that boat about one issue or another, marriage related or not.)   It’s funny (ironic funny) because when I was in a support group for cross dressers wives, if your husband decided to transition you had to leave the group (I obviously had to leave) because it would be too scary for the wives of men who were just cross dressing to look at what the future could hold. Right now my support group is too much for me.  Maybe I need a break, but I doubt I will take one, that’s just not me.  I have to separate my situation from theirs, not let their struggles and their lives dictate or effect mine.  Right now we are in a good place as a family, as a married couple, and as individuals and we need to continue to move forward, one step at a time.

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