Transition plan update

I am very overdue for an update of the transition plan so here we go… This week Nick started a new job.  This is a great move for him and our family for a variety of reasons including the impact on transition and the location (5 minutes from our house as oppose to 65 miles).  This impacts transition because he will have a 6 month long training before he is put in his actual office, and he will then, if all goes as planned be able to enter the office as Emily.  In the next several months he will begin hormones, which will cause physical changes to his body helping him look more female.  Men and women carry their fat differently, so while he will not lose weight per say he will look thinner as the hormones will redistribute his weight.  His body hair will change, breasts will develop and (head) his hair loss will slow down.  Before starting hormones we will be trying to conceive a second baby.  Hormones effect fertility and our family of 3 is not complete so we want to create the 4th family member before transition.  There are still a lot of what ifs and time lines have to match up, but we are on the path that makes the most sense for us.  We are being cautiously optimistic about how things will work out and where we will be this time next year.  It’s crazy to think how different things with be this time next year.  If all works out our heterosexual family of three will be a post-transition transgender family of four with 2 moms.  Again this is not “what I signed up for” on June 20, 2009, but what matters most at the end of the day is that we are happy.

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