Talk of the town

A struggle I’m having is knowing how I feel about people telling other people about our situation.  On one hand it hasn’t gotten easier to come out to people. Each person I come out to is challenging and each situation unique, so not having to go through that is easier. On the other hand it’s my life and my family and I should be the one to determine who and how I tell. There are people I have specifically made sure found out from me because I put myself in their shoes and if I were them id be hurt if I didn’t hear it from me. Others are not as big of a deal. I’m not mad at any one person, I guess I just don’t want to feel like I’m in high school with everyone talking about us.

This situation is very personal and very out there for most people, I don’t want to be the local sideshow act. I just want us to live our lives. By that I don’t mean I don’t want to share our story because I do. I want to educate and I want to support others, both those in our lives and those who have another trans person who is close to them, but talking to people and being talked about are two different things. Have I mentioned how hard this is?!?

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