Halloween and transpiring events

I work a lot of jobs, but the job I consider my main job is taking care of three school age kids, after school.  I have worked for this family for over a year and I did not tell them about Emily because you never know how someone will respond and I literally cannot afford to lose this job.  They come to my house, which has been an issue for Emily because she cannot change until they leave which is around 6.   They live very close to us, and I have been concerned that I would see them when we are out, and that never happened until Halloween.  We walked into our local target and there they were.  Emily walked away and  Quentin and I chatted with them for a few minutes.  That afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and tell the mom, they have a very specific set of needs and I told myself no matter what they won’t fire you because they would never want to try to find someone that does for them what I do.  I chose to text her because I never get to see her alone.  Her response was overwhelming, I am tearing up thinking about it now, basically her response was we love you and it’s fine.  That we are good people regardless of anything else and that is all that matters to them.  She asked me if she could tell the children’s father which obviously I wanted him to know and we made a plan to tell the children together on the following Wednesday.   Now, I have actually been preparing the children for months.  The oldest had been on the phone with a friend talking about gender so I used this as the perfect opportunity to ask if they know you can change genders.  Of course there were questions and the conversations on this topic and it lasted for weeks with all three children.  I introduced them, through pictures, to two trans friends of mine *Jamie and Samuel, Jamie is MtF and *Samuel is FtM and we talked about their stories.  The day to tell them came and I was nervous for some reason and I had no reason to be.  The oldest was quiet, the middle one had a few questions and she was scared, not of Emily, but of hurting Emily’s feelings, and the youngest was clueless (this is normal for him).  The middle child is very sensitive and she was worried about saying the wrong thing, using the wrong name or pronoun and now know the right thing to say.  I promised her it was OK that no matter what no one would be mad at her, that we know it’s different and everyone has to adjust.  They chose to meet Emily after we talked. It might have been a little awkward, but that is where the awkwardness ends.  They love Ms. Emily, I’m pretty sure more than they ever loved Mr. Nick.  In the next few days they had more questions, but they used the correct name and pronoun better than most adults, even the clueless boy child, and she and the middle child are like girlfriends now (she lets her paint her nails and she LOVES it, it’s very cute).  The oldest doesn’t understand why we kept it from them, she says it’s no big deal, I could kiss her when she talks about it.  It melts my heart to see such acceptance and it is proof that the next generation will be more tolerant and hopefully will lead to a better world. Here is too brighter days ahead for all!




*Names changed

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