D-day AKA coming out to my dad day

So it happened…I came out to my dad. We were in Michigan for Chritmas Emily left on Sunday the 27th and the plan was to tell him that day. My mom prepped him so that he didn’t say anything he couldn’t take back. When I told him he said ok and when my mom asked if he had any questions he said no. I told him how my father-in-law is not doing well and he basically said that you have to let those people go and when they are ready they will come around. I took this as a good sign. He was quiet after for about an hour and things went back to business as usual.

The next day when we were alone he made a noise and said he wanted things to go back to normal I said well we leave tomorrow so they will, he said “they will?” and then said I think you have some hard days ahead of you. I told him I’ve already had hard days. (I think this was coming from the visit we had, had with my cousin in which we were talking abut I dealing with family gossip). He then finished by telling me if I need to come home I can.

I want him and everyone else to understand that I’m ok. I’ve grieved and I’m ready to move forward. Also that this is “normal” for me. I watch my husband become a woman everyday and that’s my norm, as crazy as it sounds. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Emily is my master piece, I taught her to be a woman, I put my own pain and sadness aside so that I could help her become who she was on the inside. The first time I went shopping for clothes for her by myself was for Christmas last year (2014), it was early on and I thought (hoped maybe) that she was just a cross dresser, I stood in line at Khols looking down to hide the tears streaming down my face, while texting Stacy who didn’t have a clue what I was shopping for. I taught her to do her make up, plucked her eye brows, curled and braided her hair, and have her endless fashion tips (or just told her to change her clothes). This is my life. It might be different, but it’s mine and I’m ok with that. The pain I was once in was gone and I’m not putting my happiness aside for hers I’m doing the only thing I can and that is to love and support my spouse for who she is. I love her and I love our life, might not be the life I signed up for, but maybe it will turn out even better. 

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