Please Don’t Pity Me

I’ve seen the look in some people’s eyes when I come out to them or when I say certain things…the look is pure pity. I’m sure my life doesn’t look ideal and it’s not what I signed up for 6 years ago, but it is what it is and I am making it work for me.  Here is a poem I wrote about this topic in the middle of the night…


Something happened to me.
It rocked me to the core.
It made me question my life.
It changed the way I’m viewed by others, it changed the way I view others.
It changed my identity.
It caused pain and grief that others can’t and won’t understand.

I had to make choices.
Hard choices.
Choices only I could make for me and my family.
But I made those choices and I moved on.

Every day isn’t rainbows and sunshine.
No ones life is, but I preserve, I adapt, I grow, and I heal.
I don’t need sympathy and I don’t need pity.
I need empathy.
I need compassion.
I need tolerance.

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