I’m Not Brave

The other day I was talking to someone and she said “I think you are brave”.  My response was “I am not trying to be brave I am just trying to live my life”.  It might be brave that I am so public, that I am putting myself out there for others to judge, criticizes, and scrutinize, but staying with my spouse, living as a trans family, being half of a trans couple that is not brave.  Almost seven years ago I said “for better or for worse”, I could not have imagined what that “worse” was going to be, and we still may encounter things that are way worse than this, but I stand by what I said that day.

A better word to describe me would be loyal.  I will stand by my spouses’ side until the day I die (well more like the day she dies lets be real) because that is what I promised to do.  Let me be clear I am not sacrificing my own happiness, I am growing and changing as my spouse grows and changes.  I am adjusting to the changes in life.  Every couple faces changes in their marriage and every couple chooses how they will handle those changes, and this is how we are handling them.

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