I have yet to come out and make any kind of statement on my public Facebook fan page or on a blog post (I have said a little on my personal FB) about the tragic shooting in Orlando yesterday mostly because I needed to distance myself and was practicing avoidance. I can’t watch the news, listen to the radio, and I’ve tried to limit my social media activity. I can’t have the same conversations I’ve been having over and over anymore. I can’t defend why gun control is important and why assault rifles should be illegal. I can’t defend trans people’s rights to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with or why we need to extend the same civil rights, such as same sex marriage to all people. I have beaten the horse to death, some people will never change and I’m tired of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders trying to get others to see my side of things. 

I will live my life and set an example of my own believes. I will continue to share my story and hope that one day those who claim to love me and my family will see the pain that laws such as HB2 are causing.  I will continue to be the best person I can be and lead through my actions and not through my words. 

So for today I will do what the meme says and straighten my crown, remember whose daughter I am and march on. I’ll fly my flag not the trans pride flag, but the flag that defines my values. The flag that sets an example of how I believe people should treat people and I’ll hope that there are others marching behind me. We can’t fight this battle alone, we must unite in love in order to crush the hate. 

Be who you are, sing your song, may others respect our differences and not persecute due to fear and misinformation. Stand beside me and those like me, before its someone you know and love that’s missing, that you’re waiting to hear from to find out if they lived, if they’re hurt, if they’re ok. Everyone is someone’s baby and everyone should be treated as such. Support equal rights, support real solutions to gun violence, and support people right to love their life as they chose.
My thoughts continue to be with the victim and their families of Sunday’s shooting, the LGBT community, and our country as a whole. We are wounded, but we will survive, if we come together. 



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